Our company was originally established to supply good quality, affordable, mould build – ups to the toolmaking industry in South Africa. LKM is without doubt one of the largest suppliers of standard and custom mould bases in the world. They have factories in many areas of Asia and South East Asia. We keep a range of stock in our KZN warehouse and ship country wide.

In addition to the mould bases we also supply smaller consumables such as ejector pins and sprue bushes, date stamps and air valves.

CNC Machining Centres

We recently decided to start supplying Vertical CNC Machining Centres alongside our injection moulding equipment. The two go hand in hand after all and it makes sense that if we are servicing injection moulding companies then we may as well assist in supplying the equipment for the toolmaking side as well.

Gamma CNC is a division of the Taiwanese Alfa Group who are well known for their automation solutions in the plastics industry. These are high quality machines with very good specs and would be worth an enquiry if you are in the market for a CNC.


Dave Moore – Dave decided on a life change in 2012 when he was faced with some tough decisions regarding the future of his own injection moulding operation based in KZN. He decided that due to his experience in running his own factory, and in plastics and toolmaking in general, he would be well suited to being successful in selling equipment and product into the same market sector.

The business has never looked back and he can offer very good advice to business owners of various sectors involved in plastic conversion.

Andrew Short –  Andrew worked for a large injection moulding company in Durban and is a trade tested toolmaker. His skill extends far further than that though and he has valuable knowledge and experience in all things mechanical to do with plastics and toolmaking. If there is a solution needed to a problem then Andy will be the one to turn to for advice.

We are both based in Durban KZN and service the entire country at present.