Mould Base has been supplying the high-quality injection moulding machine range from Yizumi since 2014. Since then it has established itself as one of the leading suppliers of this type of equipment in the region.

We offer ground up design of factories including all ancillaries, automation and services such as water cooling, mould storage, lifting equipment and electrical services.

Guangdong Yizumi is one of the leaders in the manufacture and supply of plastic, rubber and metal processing machines worldwide. Yizumi is a listed company and has grown into a reliable and respected company.

Plastic conversion equipment includes

DP range – Two platen machines with Euro spec

D1 range – Two platen machines with Asian spec

A5 range – Conventional servo hydraulic three platen machines from 60t to 2600t

FE range – Full electric machines

PAC range – High Speed packaging machines for thin wall and fast cycle times

PAC K range – Higher performance than PAC 

A5 PET – Servo Hydraulic machines specifically for the production of PET preforms

A5 uPVC range – For PVC pipe fitting manufacture

PET Preform Division –Custom made preform moulds

In addition to the equipment Yizumi has an in-house mould division dedicated to manufacturing preform moulds and thin walled packaging moulds to customers specification.